ULTRA-DURABLE Performance Golf Tee

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ZoomTee was conceived as a design challenge with the goal of developing a high performance golf tee. Until now there has been limited research into the physics involved in golf tee design and performance. After years of working with both ametuer and professional golfers, extensive testing in a computer generated wind tunnel, robot testing for durability and with input from real golfers, ZoomTee has designed a tee that has exceeded all expectations! 



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I never believed that a tee could actually make a difference in driving distance until I played the ZoomTee...amazing!.  Dean Aichjay - Destin, Florida

Been playing these for 4 years and I'm lost on the tee box without them. Love the bright colors. The bumble bee yellow is my favorite.    Harry Yow  - Myrtle Beach

The ZoomTee's height guide sets the ball at the perfect height EVERY time and they're nearly impossible to break.  Robert C. - Hunter, NY