ULTRA-DURABLE Performance Golf Tee


Custom Printing - Build Your Brand

Promote Your Club or Resort


75% of all Club or Resort guests leave with at least one item to remind them of their round at your resort. And because ZoomTees are so durable, your Golf Course will be in their bag for a LONG time!  

Company Sponsored Events


Whether you're hosting your own event or sponsoring an outing, custom printed ZoomTees are the ideal, cost effective way to promote your company or brand.

Pack Options


Host a lot of outings at your club? ZoomTees are an easy source of added revenue as you can offer event organizers custom printed ZoomTees for their outings. Many clubs offer single, double and 3 packs featuring the course logo as a way to promote the club. 

Color Options


Custom Printed ZoomTees are available in Yellow, Red, White, Blue and now PINK!

Custom Options


With our amazing UV Inkjet Printing capabilities we can Custom Print just about anything on a ZoomTee. Your Company Name, Logo, Digital Photos. You name it, we'll print it. Email us your design for pricing.

Quantity Options


Contact us today for order sizes and pricing.